Instant Gallery Maker

Instant Gallery Maker 2.1

Create your own online photo albums

Instant Gallery Maker enables you to create photo galleries that are ready to be used on internet. This tool helps you to easily create professional albums. Instant Gallery Maker is so simple that only a few clicks of your mouse are needed to create your projects. Add your pictures to the list, select a few options, and view your latest galleries. Once you create your photo album it's ready to be uploaded to the internet so that you can share your favorite photos with everyone. Instant Gallery Maker includes several templates and presets so that you can create awesome albums in no time. Control every detail of your creations and obtain customized results. This useful utility supports most of the popular image formats such as GIF, JPG, TIFF, PNG, and BMP, among many others. Save your modified settings as templates and reuse them for other projects in the future. It has a wizard feature to help you in every aspect you need and speed up your creations. There's no need of HTML and CSS working experience, this tool facilitates album creation for everybody. Instant Gallery Maker is your ideal software for creating beautiful memories of your favorite moments.